Coupon posting policies


Posting a coupon in Cybercupones implies meeting all the requirements detailed below; the non-compliance of one of them implies the non-authorization of publication or unpublication without requiring the consent of the client or associated trade and will be a discretionary task of the portal activation team.

Legal Conditions:

By publishing any content, you guarantee that you have all the rights, titles and interests of the published content and should take into account the following points:

  • Do not use images without copyright; Please note that the content or images that you add to Cybercupones become public domain information, therefore you will not be able to claim any right for advertising benefits to Cybercupones.
  • Do not use trademarks or trade names of third parties without having the marketing rights since it may constitute an infringement of any patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret, privacy right, publicity right, moral rights or other property rights. intellectual recognized by any applicable jurisdiction of any person or entity.

Commercial terms:

For a discount coupon to be applicable to the Cybercupones portal it must meet the following characteristics:

  • Create a coupon with a significant discount and greater than the discount that a customer can obtain by visiting the point of sale or the website of the affiliated merchant. (You can only have a promotion equal to the one published in the Cybercupones coupons on special dates but it should not be continuous while the discount is enabled on the portal). In case of having the discount code active outside the portal, the merchant must notify the portal administrator about the offer and must use the following phrase in their advertising: “We are from Cybercupones, take advantage of our exclusive internet discounts only for today”. Discount codes must be visible and must be accompanied by the Cybercupones logo and the phrase: Find other special coupons at
  • Use a quality image alluding to the promotion and if it is the product it must be a real image of the product you want to promote.
  • Specify in the coupon conditions all the information that the client requires to be clear about the real scope of the discount that he is going to obtain, among the exchange policies and conditions are: Percentage value of the discount, Validity, number of coupons available, forms payment, number of coupons per person, customer locations for which it applies, product value including taxes, tips and other hidden costs that imply different values from those published.

Ethics and good faith conditions:

The following are features that are not allowed on the Cybercupones portal:

  • Exercise unfair competition by making comparisons with other brands, companies or products in the text of the coupon.
  • Issue coupons that do not have the inventory or the logistical preparation necessary to comply with the conditions offered.
  • Attending in a different or discriminatory way to people who use discount coupons to make purchases; for example: Make all customers use different lines, make them wait longer than they should, request payment methods that are not common (except when specifically mentioned in the coupon that applies only to such stipulated payment method), apply costs additional that are not stipulated in the coupon, compel the customer to make additional purchases in order to make the coupon effective (except when this point is specifically mentioned in the coupon conditions).
  • Set conditions that imply carrying out actions that detract from people’s morals or ethics to obtain a benefit; For example: compel people to use brand advertising for a certain period of time, carry out transformations that imply affecting the person’s personality, demand that the person make public testimonies in any medium about the benefit obtained and others that apply.
  • Use packaging bags different from the normal ones that are given to customers where there are phrases or advertising that shows that a purchase was made with a special discount thanks to the redemption of a discount coupon.

Note: The fact that the coupons are allowed to be published to the associated business does not imply the total approval by Cybercupones; It is probable that some infringed conditions will be detected by users when they use the coupon, therefore, if any infringement is detected, it will be taken into account to condition the continuity of trade or the launch of new coupons.

Please read carefully the Privacy Policies of our site and the Terms of Service that cover both users, our company and our business partners and anyone related to our website.

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